The ViralPlugin ( Extension for FireFox Version 4.0.8) is a nifty FireFox extension made to work with ViralURL. This extension will allow you to shorten, cloak & track any link in a few seconds! Not only will this give you reporting such as click stats and where the clicks are coming from, it will also protect your links and affiliate commissions.

If you are cloaking normal links, for example a story on NY Times that you want to share on e.g. Twitter,
it will add your personalized 'ViralBar' to the top
(or bottom). This works in 3 powerful ways:

  • Links to ViralURL with your affiliate ID so you can build a list.
  • Earns you credits on each view, so you get free advertising for your site(s) or blog(s).
  • Builds another income on auto-pilot! Whenever you refer someone to ViralURL from your ViralBar (no extra work) and they upgrade, you earn up to 60%! Meaning you can earn over $100 per referral!
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